What Do We Do to Drive Success for Small and Midsize Organizations

CONSTANT SPARK BUSINESS & SALES ACCELERATORS is your source for the research, analysis, strategies, systems, and tools your business needs to thrive and grow.

Entrepreneurial Advisory & Consulting Services

No matter if you are in the ideation stage or working to keep all the balls in the air with your maturing business, we can help entrepreneurs avoid the obstacles that can starve you for cash and rob you of your laser focus.

Organizational Development Services

We have experience and a proven track record in all critical components of the business lifecycle. Our experts have led the way with many brands on projects focused on Simplification, Remediation, Optimization, Transformation, and TurnAround.

Marketing & Branding Services

Your exceptional product or service isn't going to drive wealth or value for your company if it is the best-kept secret. You must have a solid branding and marketing strategy that aligns with your go-to-market strategy and drives revenue. To keep your cost of sale low and your sales numbers high, you must understand how to use both traditional and digital tools and strategies. We can bring the perfect CMO perspective to your branding, marketing, and sales initiatives.

Sales Growth & Accelerator Services

Want to be a winner? You must be able to influence and drive revenue. Sales excellence is both science and art. If you want to enjoy a long and lucrative career in sales, you must constantly train for greatness. It isn't enough to read a few self-help books if you want to be in the top 2% of sales executives. Our sales and presentation coaching program are customized for you; our sales success stories run the gamut from Chief Sales Officers to high potential sales executives.

Website Design | SEO | Content Strategy & Tools

We provide exceptional website development packages, including building a website for you for FREE. Our web and content development practice have tremendous experience in web development, landing page development, SEO, content development, and content development tools.