Entrepreneurial Coaching

Aimed at providing hands-on assistance to the up-and-coming entrepreneur, Entrepreneurial Coaching offers a complete business plan review by an experienced business creator, one-on-one mentoring, and eight months of coaching and business development advice.

For the new MBA graduate or the experienced corporate employee stepping out on his own, Constant Spark Business Services’ Entrepreneurial Coaching ensures that the emerging entrepreneur has every possible chance at success.

Business Plan Review

Entrepreneurs often make fundamental mistakes when they abbreviate or gloss over the critical milestone of generating a solid and agile business plan. Don't underestimate the imperative of strong and solid business planning. Your success depends on the clarity, focus, aspiration, and operational achievability of your business plan.

Constant Spark Business Services’ people have analyzed, assessed, written, polished, and implemented hundreds of successful corporate roadmaps, and we’ve shared our partners’ satisfaction as those business plans have made it possible for our partners to thrive in the marketplace. We’ll place you and your company on a clear, achievable path to success, saving missteps along the way and helping you to achieve every dream you have for your business.