Simplification, Remediation & TurnAround

Is your enterprise in a state of internal crisis or external stress? Are you facing market share issues? Do you dream of a company staffed by dedicated, motivated, goal-oriented employees, rather than unenthusiastic clock-watchers?

Constant Spark Business Services’ experienced entrepreneurs have the ability to assess the significance of the issue straining your organization. Depending upon the prognosis, we can put you on a path sure to simplify, remediate, or turnaround your firm.

We’ll help you set achievable goals and write a tactically executable plan, assist as you execute your plan, and provide ongoing tracking as your company undergoes a remarkable transformation. You’ll witness the evolution of an organization-wide strategic perspective, watch as every member of your enterprise steps forward in unison, observe a substantial improvement in resource coordination, and grow your business faster than you imagined was possible.

Operational Optimization

If your enterprise is stable, yet still failing to achieve strong, sustainable growth, it’s likely that your processes are not functioning with maximum efficiency, your operations aren’t aligned properly with the market, and you’re not making optimal use of the cash that’s available to you.

Constant Spark will examine your operations, perform a top-to-bottom profit leakage analysis, create a highly strategic improvement plan, and provide the ongoing process tracking you need. Within a remarkably short time, you’ll witness reductions in waste and wobble, proper prioritization of fiscal resources, and increased cash flow. Most of Constant Spark Business Services’ Operational Optimization partners experience first-year profits of three-to-four times their project investment.

Performance Mapping

Constant Spark Business Services’ Performance Mapping provides a top-to-bottom diagnostic view of your enterprise.

Our experts will partner with your managers and employees in a focused but wide-ranging conversation that will cut challenges down to size and reveal unexpected growth opportunities. Then, with those insights in hand, Constant Spark Business Services will design a strategy of improvement initiatives for your management’s review, prioritization, and implementation. The result for your company? Accelerated sales, sustainable growth, and enhanced value.