Sales Acceleration

You’re certain your sales staff should have a higher conversion rate and should be processing more orders — but you’ve hired dedicated sales people, and you are sure the problem is one of process, rather than people or technology.

Constant Spark Business Services’ Sales Acceleration services regularly yield sales gains of 150% or more. We’ll analyze your processes, re-map your territories, review compensation, and retrain and refocus your sale staff. The result, especially when Constant Spark Business Services’ Sales Acceleration offering is linked to Customer Analytics and Marketing Empowerment: more sales, more profit, less waste, and scalable growth.

Sales Management

Want to be a winner? You must be able to influence and drive revenue. Sales excellence is both science and art. If you want to enjoy a long and lucrative career in sales, you must constantly train for greatness. It isn't enough to read a few self-help books if you want to be in the top 2% of sales executives. Our sales and presentation coaching program are customized for you; our sales success stories run the gamut from Chief Sales Officers to high potential sales executives.

Our programs include user focus in the following key areas:

  • Sales Management
  • Personal Sales Acceleration
  • Negotiations
  • Prospecting
  • Lead Generation

Presentation & Media

Market Leaders and Thought Leaders are often sought out for interviews with industry leading journalist, keynote spots in highly anticipated conferences, and highly publicized presentation spots on webinars and podcasts. Are you ready for this? Do you know how to make yourself a rockstar in front of hundreds or even thousands of people?

Media and presentation training will sharpen your skills and content from the intimate one-to-meeting all the way to presenting in front of tens of thousands. And if you think you understand how to make the most of a PR opportunity such as an interview, remember that journalists are trained to get the information you don't want to give. To be in the top 1% of executives, you must know how to handle yourself on and off the record. Don't learn this lesson the hard way.

Our programs include user focus in the following key areas:

  • Presentation
  • Media
  • Voice
  • Branding for Winners